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Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting Capri

Visiting the island of Capri has been on your bucket list for a while now, and you finally got the chance to make it happen? We are so happy for you! Capri is truly a place where dreams come true. We’re here for you every step of the way to make planning your trip to Capri as easy as possible. Gain insight into what to expect on the island, tips on when to go, what to do, and what to see. Get cozy and carefully read our ultimate guide to visiting Capri.

With the help of our professional team, your Capri adventure is going to be truly unforgettable!

The best time to visit Capri

The best time to visit Capri varies from person to person. Each season works differently for everyone, depending on what you would like to do and how many crowds you are willing to deal with.

Summer is the perfect time of the year if you wish to take advantage of the warm and sunny weather that invites you to spend days on a beach, cruise along the coastline with a boat tour, and participate in various water activities. The period between late May and early October has longer daylight hours, allowing you to have a more extended exploration of the island. The open-air concerts and waterfront cafes and bars create a vibrant atmosphere that can make your holiday unforgettable. The downside of the trip to Capri during the summertime is that this is the most popular time of the year to visit Capri, resulting in the crowded streets and attractions, and creating longer queues at many entrances and popular restaurants. This also leads to higher prices during the peak season. However, by planning your trip on time, you can avoid all that and make sure you’ve maximized your stay. Book your accommodations, restaurants, tours, and attractions on time, and enjoy the better side of summer life on the island. You can always run away from the crowds by spending a day on a Capri boat tour!

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But in case all that is a bit too much for you, and your goal is to tour around the island and explore the villas, a visit in Spring or  Fall is your winner. March, April, late September, and October still have pleasant weather. Even when the temperatures don’t get too high, many people go into the water as the sea is warm enough for an enjoyable dip. In addition to that, the crowds are much smaller compared to the summer season, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities. Take advantage of the shoulder seasons to explore the island’s natural beauty with hiking activities or simply wander around the island. It’s still a smart move to book your preferred activities and tours in advance, as it can get relatively busy during peak times. You know what they say: better safe than sorry!

In contrast, if you wish for a calm and peaceful getaway, winter is a season for you! From November through March, the island takes on a serene atmosphere, allowing visitors to experience the life of quiet seasons on the island. This benefits in lower prices for accomodation and restaurants, but remember that dining options get limited as many tourist-related businesses close their doors off-season. Make sure to check the opening hours of restaurants and attractions before planning your itinerary, and pack appropriately for colder and wetter weather. Even though the temperatures don’t get below 10°C (50°F), the wind and dampness can get problematic. Remember to pack your hiking shoes, as the sunny days can be perfect for active sightseeing with a good jacket!

With all of this in consideration, choose your perfect time to visit Capri and let the bookings begin. Your Capri adventure is a few clicks away!

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The best places to visit in Capri


Capri town is a hub of activity on the island. It’s filled with many interesting attractions, high-end shops, and restaurants that infuse the air with tasty aromas, allowing you to be amazed at each step of the way.

The iconic Piazza Umberto, also known as Piazzeta or the world’s sitting room, is a perfect place to people-watch and take in the ambiance with a cup of coffee before you start wandering around the narrow streets. The town of Capri is home to a wide range of designer boutiques selling clothes, shoes, and accessories. You can refresh your wardrobe with a mix of high-fashion and local artisanal products!

Treat yourself to scenic views from the Gardens of Augustus! Take in the contrast of the lush botanical greenery with the blue of the sea, and admire the Bay of Naples’ panorama and the Faraglioni rocks, the symbol of Capri!


With just a 15-minute ride from Capri town, you can explore Anacapri and its historic center full of traditional architecture. It’s a perfect place for a getaway as it’s a more peaceful town compared to Capri.

The main attraction of Anacapri is definitely Monte Solaro. By taking a chairlift from near the main square, Piazza Vittoria, you can reach the highest point on the island of Capri. Treat yourself to a breathtaking perspective of Capri Island and the surrounding coastal paradise.

You can also hike along the Sentiero dei Fortini, a popular coastal trail that rewards people with stunning scenic views of the Gulf of Naples and the natural attractions surrounding the island. Along the way, you can also reach Punta Carena lighthouse, a historic lighthouse situated on a dramatic location that is perfect for watching the sun as it sets into the Mediterranean Sea!

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By visiting various villas around the island, you can discover the island’s rich heritage and get a glimpse into different periods of Capri’s history. Each villa tells its own story with different architectural styles and stunning gardens.

Emperor Tiberius was the resident of the most famous villa on the island of Capri in the 1st century AD. Villa Jovis is only partially open to the public but still offers its visitors a peek into the luxurious life of the ancient Romans.

Located in Anacapri, Villa San Michele was a former residence of Swedish author and physician Axel Munthe. The villa was transformed into a museum, rewarding its visitors with stunning architecture and gardens overlooking the sea.

Villa Lysis, also known as the Villa Fersen, is close to the Villa Jovis. Located on the eastern side of Capri island, this villa was a residence and a muse to French poet and writer Jacques d’Adelswärd-Fersen. The combination of Neoclassical and Art Nouveau styles invites its visitors for a peaceful visit.

Things to do on a Capri boat tour

Going on a boat tour is undoubtedly the best way to explore this spectacular island and its natural attractions. It allows you to swim in the crystal-clear Tyrrhenian Sea, discover rich maritime life on your snorkeling adventure, and relax on the boat deck as you take in the Italian sun and the beautiful sights in front of you!

Sea Caves

The island of Capri is home to various famous sea caves with unique formations and features. During your boat tour, you can visit one or all of them and enter the caves to reward yourself with unique experiences.

Blue Grotto is definitely the most famous attraction of the Capri island, resulting in long queues in front of the entrance. If you wish to visit the Blue Cave, plan to arrive as early as it opens to avoid the wait and enjoy the mesmerizing blue light inside. Green Grotto offers a similar experience, only in green. With a boat tour, you can discover why the sun reflects different colors in different caves. On the other hand, White Grotto got its name due to the striking white rock formations inside the cave.The island of Capri is home to various famous sea caves with unique formations and features. During your boat tour, you can visit one or all of them and enter the caves to reward yourself with unique experiences.

Each cave visit rewards you with unforgettable experiences, allowing you to celebrate nature and its wonders.

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Rock formations

The Faraglioni rock formations are the iconic symbol of Capri Island. With a boat ride, you can see it up close! It’s the most recognizable natural attraction of Capri, with its three sea stacks adorning the coastline: Stella, the closest to the coast; Faraglione di Mezzo, also known as the Lover’s Arch; and the Faraglione di Fuori or Scopolo, the most massive one out of all three.

Take advantage of a cruise, and kiss your significant other as you pass underneath the Lover’s Arch. The legend says that the romantic moment shared underneath the arch promises eternal love to the couple.

Another notable rock of Capri Island is the Arco Naturale or the Natural Arch. The gradual wearing away of the rock, produced by the thousands and thousands of years of wave crashing, created the striking arch that became a famous sight among tourists and locals alike. The boat tour lets you observe this unique geological feature up close and discover the rock’s significance throughout history.

Hidden coves

Last but not least, a boat tour takes you to beautiful secluded swimming spots. This tranquil escape gets you away from the crowds and rewards you with sights of natural beauty. Your local captain will lead the way and ensure the relaxation that the boat ride offers.

The Bagni di Tiberio is a historical site accessible only by boat. The natural pools carved into the rocks were once a private swimming spot for Emperor Tiberius. Swim among the ancient Roman ruins and feel like an ancient Roman emperor.

The Punta Carena is another spot with hidden coves where you can relax or swim and snorkel in the azure waters. Reward yourself with the sights of the dramatic cliffs and the historical Punta Carena lighthouse.

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FAQ – Visit Capri

Is it worth seeing Capri?

Definitely! Capri has been a popular destination for the rich and famous since ancient Roman times. It was a popular choice among the wealthy Romans to relax on the Capri island due to the ideal climate and the natural springs that were praised for health benefits. The island's natural beauty and serene atmosphere invite visitors from around the world up to today. Even if you only have a day in Capri, you can admire the iconic rock formations such as Faraglioni rocks and the Natural Arch, explore famous sea caves, and discover many villas scattered around the island. You can also get rewarded with incredible views of the Bay of Naples by taking a chairlift ride from near the main square in Anacapri. Get the most out of your trip and join an organized tour. The professional guides can give you fascinating information about the island's past and cultural and historical significance, enhancing your overall experience.

Can you visit Capri on your own?

Yes, visiting Capri on your own is possible. The island is very tourist-oriented, making it easy to navigate your exploration independently. However, you should remember that it can get hectic during peak times, creating a somewhat stressful experience. If you wish to wander the island on your own, make sure to explore your options and plan your itinerary before you set off. Most ferries will take you from the mainland or the Amalfi Coast to Marina Grande, where you can catch public transportation or a taxi to reach any side of the island. Book your accommodation in advance, especially if you plan to visit Capri during the high season, and enjoy your time in Capri! On the other side, if you're staying somewhere else in Italy but want to spend a day in Capri, consider booking an organized tour. Our professional team came up with a selection of boat tours and day trips that allow you to explore Capri with minimum planning on your side, creating a stress-free experience.

Can you swim in Capri?

Absolutely! The crystal-clear Thyrennian Sea surrounding the island is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and cruising with a boat! Marina Piccola, Marina Grande, and Bagni di Tiberio are the most popular beaches, but the island of Capri is also famous for its stunning sea caves and secluded swimming spots. You can join a boat ride or rent a Private boat tour Capri and explore the Green, White, and Blue Grotto. The boat tour also allows you to discover vibrant maritime life as you snorkel in various island bays. So, while in Capri, don't miss out on a chance to get away from the beaches and cruise along the famous Capri coastline!

Day in Capri made easy!

In case visiting Capri is on your bucket list, but you’re staying further away, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! With incredible day trip offers, you can spend a day in Capri exploring its wonders completely stress-free! Get away from the bustling cities and easily arrive in a coastal paradise.