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Why should you visit Capri?

Capri, nestled in the heart of Italy, is a true Mediterranean paradise waiting to be discovered. Its natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and rich history make it a must-visit destination when in Italy. 

According to Greek mythology, Capri was once the home of the Sirens. So you can guess that the ancient Romans didn’t come to Capri only because of the strategic location that allowed them to control the maritime traffic or the rugged terrain that offered natural defenses. They enjoyed the pleasant climate, serene landscapes, and the natural beauty of the area so much that the island of Capri has become an ideal location for Roman elites to retreat and relax.

Exploring Capri is an incredible idea for many reasons, and joining our guided tours is the perfect way to get a taste of the island life!

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Make the most out of your visit to the island of Capri!

The island of Capri offers a wealth of attractions, from ancient Roman ruins and serene gardens to charming piazzas and delightful cuisine! Experience Capri with our professional guides on a boat tour, and witness the iconic Faraglioni rock formation and the charming Punta Carena lighthouse. Visit many sea caves, including the famous Blue Grotto, before you explore the island by yourself or with a guided tour! 

With a Capri tour, you can enjoy the opportunity to explore the island’s history and culture and the legends related to the iconic attractions surrounding the island. The knowledgeable guide will introduce you to fascinating stories and take you on beautiful sightseeing, after which you’ll have enough free time to wander around and take in the atmosphere of this spectacular island!

We found the best Capri tours!

It’s time to decide which Capri boat tour is calling your name! We know navigating the tour options online can get overwhelming, and that’s exactly why we’re here. Take your time to browse through our thoughtfully curated list of the best-value Capri tours and explore Capri’s charming coastline and hidden treasures completely stress-free. Whether you crave a relaxing day or wish to experience the ride on the traditional gozzo boat, we’ve got you covered!

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FAQ – Capri Boat Tours

Is a boat tour around Capri worth it?

Going on a Capri Island tour by boat is well worth your time and money. Capri is a historic island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, just off the coast of Southern Italy, and it's famous for its natural beauty and cultural significance. Its strategic location made it a significant maritime hub during the Roman times. With our boat tours, you can discover the iconic natural attractions surrounding the island and pass underneath the unique rock formations in the sea. Explore marvelous sea caves such as White, Green, and the famous Blue Grotto. The tour takes you to see the Natural Arch and the Faraglioni rocks, the iconic Capri symbol, up close! All the boat rentals have free time included, so you can wander around the island at your own pace before heading off to your starting point.

Do I need to book Capri boat tour in advance?

Booking your Capri tour in advance is definitely a good idea. The island of Capri is a popular tourist destination, and a boat tour is the best way to explore the island. As there are many options available online, you can pick a full-day tour or a boat rental deal. Whether it's a Capri tour that allows you to enter the Blue Grotto or a Sorrento exclusive Capri boat tour and optional Blue Grotto visit, booking your Capri Island tour early allows you to choose from a wider tour selection. So, make sure to secure your spot on the one that interests you the most, and enjoy planning the rest of your trip adventures.

What day is best to go to Capri?

Capri, Italy, can get very crowded during the high season, which usually lasts from late spring to early fall. You should definitely plan to book your accommodation and preferred tickets and tours in advance to maximize your stay. If you're coming only for a day, choose a weekday to explore the island. Rather book morning time to start your boat tours, especially if you wish to stop at the Blue Grotto. The long queues at the entrance to the famous Blue Grotto are a usual sight, so plan to depart early to arrive at the sea cave when it opens. On the contrary, you can plan your trip to the island of Capri during the shoulder season for a more relaxing experience. Exploring Capri during early spring or late fall still rewards you with nice weather, and you don't have to deal with high crowds and temperatures.

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Whether you want to depart from Capri’s Marina Grande with a Grottos boat tour or from Amalfi Coast, we have already taken care of it! Discover our selection, and don’t wait any longer! With our Capri boat tours, you’ll unlock the hidden treasures that will steal your heart. It’s time to sail away on a Capri boat tour adventure!

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Get ready to visit Capri!

Choosing the best time to visit Capri depends largely on your personal preferences and the types of experiences you wish to have during your stay.

Summer is the high season in Capri. From late spring to early fall, you can expect a lively atmosphere across the island. With the vibrant events, open-air concerts, waterfront cafes coming to life, and the sunny and warm weather, it’s a very popular time to visit the island. However, please keep in mind that this is also the busiest time, which might result in larger crowds, higher prices, and the overbooking of popular tours well in advance. So, if you wish to visit Capri during the summertime, plan your trip and book the tours early!

If you prefer a calmer atmosphere but still want to enjoy the nice weather that invites you to stroll around and dip in the sea, opt for a trip in the shoulder season. During the early spring and later fall, you will still have the opportunity to explore the island’s way of life and its stunning attractions without having to deal with too many people and high prices.

The winter season allows visitors to explore indoor attractions like museums, historic villas, and churches without the bustle of tourist crowds. It’s the perfect time of the year to experience the quiet and peaceful aspects of living on the island as the cozy atmosphere takes on. However, if you plan to visit Capri during the winter months, please keep in mind that you won’t be able to experience water-related activities.

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Staying further away?

Capri is just a tiny bit too south for you? We took care of that, too! With our day trips, you can still discover Capri’s natural attractions and get a taste of the island life.